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Chest Workouts



Puff up your chest and get ready because we’re going to cover a lot of ground. The first thing to understand before discussing chest workouts is the chest muscle. Well, the collection of chest muscles. Once you cover the basics of the chest muscles, we can quickly identify chest exercises that will target them. Before starting, you should note that chest workouts needs to be counter-balanced with back workouts. Make sure you’re not overworking your chest and neglecting your back, otherwise your shoulders will start to curve in. Save your posture: balance your training.

Types of Chest Muscles

There are many muscles that surround the chest, but the two that make-up the chest are the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major will be the targeted muscle in most of our chest exercises. You can think of training the pectoralis major in two parts: the upper part and the lower part.

Classic Chest Exercises

You already know where we’re going with this: bench press, dumbbell flies, push-ups, and beyond. These are all great exercises to target the pectoralis major. As with most training, we’ll want to vary your chest workouts to get the right mix of strength and definition. For example, perhaps you’ll do heavy bench press one day and then push-ups to failure. There’s one type of exercises that should be included but is easy to overlook: targeting the upper chest.

Upper Chest Exercises

The simplest way to train the upper part of the chest is to make use of an incline. On Grant’s Body Series: Chest, you’ll see chest workouts that include the common chest exercises on an incline. For example, incline bench press, incline dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell flies, and even incline push-ups. These will be great ways to hit the higher part of your chest. Let us take all of the pain out of creating your workout routine. Check-out Daily Spot to see a completely new chest routine every day created by one of our experts.


Chest Workouts For Women

We’ll address the elephant in the room right away. The first questions we normally get when recommending chest workouts for women are ‘will this make my boobs look smaller?’ or ‘will this turn my boobs to muscle?’ No, no, no and to any other variation of this question that suggests that chest workouts for women will have a negative impact on your breasts, the answer is NO! Actually, these workouts are one of the only ways outside of gaining fat or having surgery that can make the breasts appear [slightly] larger. Couple that with the fact that building muscle will help perk-up the chest, and chest workouts go from being an after-thought to a necessity.


Chest Workouts For Men

One of the most popular muscle groups to work out is the chest. We’ll jump right in to discussing the exercises that Daily Spot uses to build great chest workouts for men. One tip to keep in mind when doing any chest workout is that you can easily let your shoulders help do some of the work. Don't. Do not use your shoulders. This is how you injure yourself. Focus on isolating your chest.


Chest Workouts at Home

The best chest workouts at home will be ones that hit the upper-chest and mid-chest like you would with weights at the gym. Only this time, you’ll be using bodyweight exercises. If you came here looking for a completely new movement to do with your chest that will give you a much more targeted and better workout than push-ups, well, you’re in the wrong place. In fact, if you ever find that, you’re probably still in the wrong place. The best chest workouts at home will be comprised of one of the most renowned bodyweight exercises there is: the push-up.