Chest Workouts For Men

One of the most popular muscle groups to work out is the chest. We’ll jump right in to discussing the exercises that Daily Spot uses to build great chest workouts for men. One tip to keep in mind when doing any chest workout is that you can easily let your shoulders help do some of the work. Don't. Do not use your shoulders. This is how you injure yourself. Focus on isolating your chest.

Dumbbells and Barbells

Make the most out of your chest workouts by incorporating both dumbbell exercises and barbell exercises. While you’ll be doing similar motions, these are NOT the exact same workouts. The general rule is that you’ll be able to rep more weight with a barbell than dumbbells, primarily because the dumbbells involve a bit more stability. Daily Spot recommends Grant’s Body Series: Chest as a great chest workout for men. Grant uses a combination of dumbbells, barbells, cables, incline, flat, and decline to make sure each part of your chest is thoroughly worked during every session.

Good Chest Routines for the Gym

In the movie Remember the Titans, there’s a scene where you discover the Titan’s playbook is only 6 plays. Let’s replace football plays with chest exercises, and with only 3 types of exercises, you’re now able to create an infinite amount of chest workouts. Chest workouts technically pull from some variation of push-ups, bench pressing, and flies. When doing your chest workouts, keep things fresh by making use of high-reps (definition), low-reps (strength), and then incline and decline to hit different areas. You can google more chest workouts for men, or you can try Grant’s workout on Daily Spot. Daily Spot offers a new routine every single day. Start working-out your chest TODAY.