Chest Workouts For Women

We’ll address the elephant in the room right away. The first questions we normally get when recommending chest workouts for women are ‘will this make my boobs look smaller?’ or ‘will this turn my boobs to muscle?’ No, no, no and to any other variation of this question that suggests that chest workouts for women will have a negative impact on your breasts, the answer is NO! Actually, these workouts are one of the only ways outside of gaining fat or having surgery that can make the breasts appear [slightly] larger. Couple that with the fact that building muscle will help perk-up the chest, and chest workouts go from being an after-thought to a necessity.

Intense Chest Workouts for Women

Including chest exercises in your workout routine does not have to mean dumbbell bench press and rounds and rounds of push-ups. Those WILL help you. Sometimes the chest is one focus of a workout, but the other goal is to get a good cardio workout in. Is there any chest workouts that work the chest but can also raise the heartrate? Yes, burpees. The proper way to do a [jumping] burpee is to start from a standing position, bring your hands toward the ground, push your feet back to a push-up position, complete a push-up, bring your feet back toward your hands, and jump. Sarah uses burpees a lot in her Daily Sweat program, as well as Daily Core. These don’t sound too hard until you try them. Then you realize that 3 sets of 12 can take your heart rate off the charts. This is one example of incorporating a traditional chest workout (push-ups) into a high-intensity cardio workout. There are other examples of these workouts that Sarah uses every day in her plan – push-ups to rows, bridge dumbbell flyes, etc… Take a look at Daily Sweat to get a great chest workout that also works the rest of the body.