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Cycling Workouts



One of the major conveniences of treadmill workouts that you don’t get with cycling workouts (which we also refer to as spin workouts), is that the units are not necessarily the same. Of course, units can be different on treadmill workouts, but for cycling workouts, you could be dealing with a broad range of bikes and, ultimately, measurements of resistance. One way we deal with this at Daily Spot is to use the tempo of the music to help cue resistance (“make it hard to hold this beat”). Of course, this workout is ultimately to benefit you, so when in doubt opt for the harder resistance. One thing to keep in mind if you’re on a traditional spin bike: as you warm-up, set your resistance to the lowest point because workouts will generally build up from the lowest resistance.

How to Set-up a Spin Bike

There are a few major things that you want to keep in mind when setting-up your spin bike. First, you want your seat to be high enough where your knees aren’t bumping into the handlebars. You also want your extension when you pedal to be comfortable while extending your legs. You should extend until there is a slight bend at the knee. Here are a few tips to making sure the bike is set-up perfectly for your cycling workouts. Seat Height – start by adjusting seat height so that the middle of the seat is right at your waist. It may seem high, but this should be a good point to start your adjustments from. Handlebar Position – Put your elbow directly in the front of the seat cushion so the back of your elbow is touching the seat. Extend your arms and your fingers straight toward the handlebar. Move the seat back (or handlebars forward) until your fingertips are at the bottom of the handlebars. Once you’re ready, you can take a look at Sarah’s spin program, remember, her programs update every day!


Treadmill Workouts

There’s no workout type that’s gained more popularity over the last few years than treadmill workouts. We’re not talking about just running on the treadmill, but also adding cues and music. Barry’s bootcamp and Equinox both offer classes that are specifically designed to incorporate a treadmill. At Daily Spot, we rely treadmill workouts to make cardio more fun. With a little bit of guidance and some killer tracks, you can take running on the treadmill from something you dread to something that you look forward to at the gym.