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Leg Workouts



If you muster the courage to approach the biggest guy (or girl) at your gym and ask for their secret to gaining strength – they will mention leg workouts. Go ahead, test us - ask them. If they don’t say it, then bring it up and watch them slowly realize they answered your question wrong. In terms of working out, there’s a little saying amongst die-hards: ‘Leg Days are Sacred’

Leg Workouts Increase Overall Strength

Your gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in your body. Yes, that means butt. Given the size of these muscles, it’s no surprise that you usually see people lifting more weight when they squat than when they do bicep curls. The most common types of leg exercises will not only work your quads and glutes, BUTT (ha) also have the added benefit of strongly engaging your core. Because of how much your entire body does while working out your legs, these exercises are known to boost the metabolism.

How Often Should I Do Leg Workouts?

Is your primary goal to gain strength and size or tone-up your butt? There are so many exercises that can be mixed and matched to work your legs. We will dive in deeper into each of these questions in the sections below. The short answer is this – if you’re primarily incorporating leg exercises into your cardio and HIIT workouts, you don’t have to worry as much about over-doing it. If you’re lifting heavier with your legs and taxing your entire body and central nervous system, you’ll need to give your muscles ample recovery time.

Important Tips

You’ll always hear us mention how having good form is key when lifting weights. This is especially true when lifting heavier weights. This is especially, especially true when lifting heavy weights with your legs. If you’re new to working out and are inspired to try a few of our workouts below, DO NOT be afraid to ask a trainer or expert at the gym to monitor your form. You can check out our section on <link> Leg Exercises</link> to give you a good idea about how to perform some of the more complex lifts. However, there is no substitute for a trainer or expert giving you some pointers and helping build a solid foundation. Check out Grant’s leg program today on Daily Spot to get an incredibly leg workout.


Leg Workouts For Men

Men and women could both ABSOLUTELY benefit from these types of leg workouts. However, we categorize these as leg workouts for men because of the general goal: strengthen and define versus tighten and tone. Of course, the specific exercises that you see in leg workouts for men will often be similar exercises that you see in leg workouts for women. The key differences will be weight and reps. Leg workouts for men will generally include higher weight and lower reps.


Leg Workouts for Women

Whether you’re looking to build a lower body closer to Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Aniston, trainers will still advise you to add weight to your workouts. It’s counter-intuitive. We know. Lifting weight can actually help you tighten and tone. Weights can also be used to achieve a variety of goals, which makes them such an important part of leg workouts for women.


How to Do Leg Workouts at Home

There’s two types of not having a gym: 1) ‘I don’t belong to a gym, but I have a lot of weights at home and 2) I don’t belong to a gym, and I don’t own any weights in my apartment. You can do leg workouts at home in each case, but it will be harder to get the same pump you would in the gym without weights. Bodyweight workout enthusiasts will fight hard on this one, but we’re sticking to it.