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Leg Workouts for Women



Whether you’re looking to build a lower body closer to Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Aniston, trainers will still advise you to add weight to your workouts. It’s counter-intuitive. We know. Lifting weight can actually help you tighten and tone. Weights can also be used to achieve a variety of goals, which makes them such an important part of leg workouts for women.

Myths About Leg Workouts For Women

Don’t be intimidated when you see deadlifts and dumbbell lunges in your routine. These are the secret sauce to getting the lower-body results that you’re looking for. As an example, let’s analyze Sarah Pelc’s program on Daily Spot: Daily Sweat. Sarah incorporates a combination of weight workouts to help you gain strength (lower rep, higher weight) and also tone and shred (higher-rep, lower weight). Aside from creating killer leg workouts for women, you get the added benefit of balanced training of your legs.

Leg Workout Exercise Examples

One of the tricks to these workouts is to make everything into a circuit. It wouldn’t be uncommon for you to do 30 seconds of one leg exercise, then 30 seconds of a new exercise, and then repeat this sequence a 3+ times before a break. Here are some exercises you can expect to include in your leg workouts. • Dumbbell / Wide-Leg / Sumo Squats – Any variation of squat, light weight, as many as you can in a certain amount of time. • Dumbbell / Curtsy / Side Lunges – Lunges are a great way to increase your heartrate while you burn out your legs. Expect these. • Burpees / Squat Jumps / Squat Jacks – Explosive movements repeated as fast as you can for a minute is sure a sure way to get your blood pumping.

Leg Workouts for Women on Daily Spot

You may have noticed that on a few of these pages we’ve shown routines to take with you to the gym or do at home. Daily Spots leg workouts depend too much on quickly changing intervals that it wouldn’t be as helpful to put it all below. You can see these workouts, track your results and start seeing benefits when you start your trial on Daily Spot.


Leg Workouts For Men

Men and women could both ABSOLUTELY benefit from these types of leg workouts. However, we categorize these as leg workouts for men because of the general goal: strengthen and define versus tighten and tone. Of course, the specific exercises that you see in leg workouts for men will often be similar exercises that you see in leg workouts for women. The key differences will be weight and reps. Leg workouts for men will generally include higher weight and lower reps.


How to Do Leg Workouts at Home

There’s two types of not having a gym: 1) ‘I don’t belong to a gym, but I have a lot of weights at home and 2) I don’t belong to a gym, and I don’t own any weights in my apartment. You can do leg workouts at home in each case, but it will be harder to get the same pump you would in the gym without weights. Bodyweight workout enthusiasts will fight hard on this one, but we’re sticking to it.