Shoulder Workouts

Deltoids and rotator cuffs are generally the first two muscles that come to mind when we think about our shoulders. The former a way to showcase your muscles, the latter something people reserve talking about until there’s an issue: ‘I tore my rotator cuff’. The shoulders aren’t as big as you quads or lats, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Your shoulders are used in so many daily activities that it’s in your best interest to protect them. One of the best ways to protect the shoulders and prevent injuries is by doing shoulder workouts.

Well-Balanced Shoulder Workouts

From the front to the back, you’ll want to exercise every part of your shoulder. Better posture, injury prevention, and extra power on the golf course or tennis courts come from all parts of your shoulders. This is precisely the reason that on Daily Spot, you’ll see a combination of presses, lateral lifts, and front raises. These exercises touch on the various areas of your shoulders. If you came here for advice on how to create your own shoulder workouts, try this: find [google] 1-2 exercises that target you front and middle deltoids, 1 exercise for you rear deltoids, and 1 exercise for your upper traps.

Steps to Fix Rounded Shoulders

Perhaps strength is not your highest priority now, but mobility, flexibility, and fixing an issue where your shoulders are hunched forward. Working on these goals won’t include the traditional exercises to gain strength, but you should still consider incorporating them into your workout. This issue will take time to correct, as years of lifting, reinforcement, and / or lack of stretching contribute to the problem, but it’s possible to see very visible results in a few months. If you’re not interested in putting together a daily routine to follow, check out Dr. Doug’s Injury Prevention routine on Daily Spot. If you’re looking for good exercise to help your hunched shoulders, we’d recommend starting with wall-slides.

Take a more in-depth look at the workouts below. If you’re ready to get started in the gym, then check-out Grant’s shoulder workouts on Daily Spot. Every routine updates daily, so you’ll never have to worry again about how to exercise your shoulders.