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Shoulder Workouts for Men



This is an incredibly important muscle-group for men to workout. It has everything: 1) add strength, size, and make you look broader 2) maintain or correct posture from hunched shoulders and 3) protect your shoulders so you aren’t plagued with an injury that puts you into rehab instead of on the links. The goal of shoulder workouts for men is to add strength in each area of the shoulder, without over-doing it in one.

Shoulder Injury Prevention

This isn’t about the benefits of shoulder workouts, it’s about how to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself doing these exercises. Shoulder workouts require a lot of stability and control. The last thing you want to do is push heavy weights with the wrong area of your shoulder. As your strength increases, you’ll move from moderate weight to heavy weight when doing exercises like the barbell military press. Take extra precaution when trying to lift heavier on a lower-rep day. Remember, STOP LIFTING IF YOU FEEL SHOULDER PAIN. There’s a difference between pain and soreness. Do not exercise when you feel shoulder pain; it can only make matters worse. Take time off, rest, and if your shoulder continues to hurt next time you perform an exercise, it’s time to call a doc.

Good Shoulder Routines for the Gym

Military press is the backbone of most shoulder workouts for men. This is a great way to add strength. However, as we mentioned in our overview of shoulder workouts, you want to make sure that you’re doing more than just pressing. This is why the shoulder workouts on Daily Spot generally consist of 4-6 different shoulder exercises – 1-2 for each part of the shoulders. Don’t waste your time or overcomplicate things by trying to put together your own shoulder routine. Check out Grant’s Chest and Shoulder program on Daily Spot. He is the master of shoulder workouts and will take your progress from 0-100…real quick.


Shoulder Workouts at Home

As with all of our at-home workouts, we’re going to focus on bodyweight exercises that don’t need any equipment whatsoever. What’s different about Shoulder Workouts at home is that, unlike squats, gravity can be more-than-enough resistance for strength training. For some exercises, we recommend doing as many reps as you can in a minute, but for shoulder training, we’ll recommend a few workouts that may be so difficult you’ll need to make some adjustments to complete the exercises.


Shoulder Workouts for Women

When we ask women whether they want to work out their shoulders, we expect a variety of responses. First, it may sound unnecessary to dedicate an entire workout to shoulders. Second, it’s assumed that exercises are the same when doing shoulder workouts for women as they would be for men: military press, front raises, etc… That’s not always the case.