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Shoulder Workouts for Women



When we ask women whether they want to work out their shoulders, we expect a variety of responses. First, it may sound unnecessary to dedicate an entire workout to shoulders. Second, it’s assumed that exercises are the same when doing shoulder workouts for women as they would be for men: military press, front raises, etc… That’s not always the case.

High-Reps for Toning

Maybe you’ve taken a workout class before, or perhaps you’ve followed a routine in the past that’s given you a good workout, but our shoulder workouts for women will primarily be high-rep. In fact, it’s possible you’ve already trained this way. In a workout class, an instructor may ask you to use light-weight dumbbells and lift your arms out to the side. You will do this many times throughout the class with the same instruction: complete as many reps as you can in a given time. This is high-rep training and it’s one of the most popular and credited ways for toning and defining your shoulders. For example, on Daily Spot, we offer the program Daily Sweat. Sarah will usually incorporate a few shoulder exercises into her circuits. This makes for perfect shoulder workouts for women: high-reps and hitting all aspects of the shoulder.

Variety of Dumbbell Flies

We mentioned in the overview of shoulder workouts, but it’s important that you hit all areas of your shoulder to gain the complete benefits. You’ve seen above that the more desired results will be achieved through high-reps. Whether you’re using Daily Spot or not, one of the best ways that you’ll achieve these results in the gym is with dumbbell flies. Try incorporating dumbbell front raises and dumbbell lateral raises into your next workout – 3 sets of as many as you can in 1 minute. If you’d prefer to follow a workout instead of plan your own, check out Daily Sweat. Sarah’s workouts update every single day, and cover all body parts, including shoulders.


Shoulder Workouts for Men

This is an incredibly important muscle-group for men to workout. It has everything: 1) add strength, size, and make you look broader 2) maintain or correct posture from hunched shoulders and 3) protect your shoulders so you aren’t plagued with an injury that puts you into rehab instead of on the links. The goal of shoulder workouts for men is to add strength in each area of the shoulder, without over-doing it in one.