Workout on Treadmills

To go a step further, we’ll detail what goes into what makes a great workout on treadmills. This is a standard overview of how Robbie cues the treadmill workouts on Daily Spot, as well as some things that can help you get through the workout successfully

The Importance of Stretching

Before we dive into how to follow a workout on treadmills, we’re going to use this opportunity to tell you how important it is to stretch. These running workouts are addictive. Be very mindful when you ramp-up your total miles in a given week. Also, make sure you’re stretching. A drastic increase in running will tighten your muscles. Use a combination of stretching and a foam roller to recover properly.

What do the numbers mean on the treadmill?

Generally the numbers will stand for miles per hour. For example, if you’re running at a 6 on the treadmill, it means 6mph, or a pace of 10 minutes per mile. When you hear the trainers on Daily Spot cue the workout on treadmill, they will generally say ‘give me a 6,7,8’. These cues are meant to guide your pace on the treadmill. If you’re a beginner, start with the 6 for that interval. Because almost every treadmill will show you the mph, it makes it very easy for the trainers to make sure each person is doing the exact same thing. Yes, assuming your treadmill is mph, a 6.0 pace on your treadmill will be the same as a 6.0 pace on all other treadmills. The same goes from incline. Now that you know this, all you need to do is put in your headphones, commit 30 minutes to Robbie’s program, and let him take you through a great workout on treadmills set to an awesome playlist. Try it for yourself!