Tricep Workouts

Your triceps are comprised of three different muscles: lateral head, medial head, and long head. The ‘tri’ in tricep comes from the fact that there are these three muscles. In order to create an effective tricep workout, you’ll want to make use of exercises that target each of these three muscles. While most tricep workouts will exercise each tricep muscle in some capacity, it’s better practice to combine different exercises that target specific muscle areas.

Reps and Strength Training for Triceps

The three parts of the tricep are made-up of different muscle fibers. Because of this, each part of the muscle will respond differently to high-rep and low-rep training. For example, low-rep exercises are great for the outer part of your triceps, while the high-rep workouts are much better for the middle part. On Daily Spot, we compile our tricep workouts in a way that optimizes the training for each part of the muscle. In the Daily Spot workouts, you will a combination of low-rep exercises (close-grip bench press) mixed with high-rep (cable-rope pulldown).

How to Build a Great Tricep Workout

When you begin to compile your own personal workouts, we recommend that you first compile a list with three sections: exercises for the lateral tricep, exercises for the medial tricep, general tricep exercises. Make sure you have at least 3-5 workouts in each section before you begin creating your plan. Once you have the three sections filled in, pick 1 workout from each section and complete 4 sets. The reps should vary based on the muscle you’re targeting (heavy and low rep for the lateral tricep), etc… Or, you can skip the whole list process and follow Grant’s Body Series: Arms program on Daily Spot!