Tricep Workouts for Women

The dreaded, droopy under-arm region. That’s what we’re targeting with tricep workouts for women. Introducing some light weights to your tricep workout will be great for toning up the back-side of your arms. You will be proud to wear that sleeveless shirt in the summer. A huge benefit of tricep workouts is that they are one of the first muscle groups that shows development. You will gain strength and just as quickly begin noticing some improvement in your arms. On Daily Spot, we use a mix of high-rep, low-weight tricep workouts (kickbacks, extensions, etc…) mixed with some bodyweight exercises. Sarah’s program, Daily Sweat, generally incorporates 1-2 tricep workouts in each of her 30-minute circuits.

How often should I do Tricep Workouts?

Most of our tricep workouts for women come in the form of a circuit. That’s because we understand that the ultimate goal is to tone and train the entire body, and not necessarily focus on one body part at a time. Daily Sweat aims to exercise the triceps during every workout routine, usually 1 exercise directly for the triceps, paired with a few exercises that are secondary (push-ups, v-push-ups etc…). That said, tricep workouts for women will utilize these exercises different than for men. If you’d like to train ONLY the triceps, a good starting goal is 1 day a week for 30-45 minutes spent directly on tricep exercises. Whereas men will look for a combination of low-rep strength training exercises, women can focus more on the high-rep exercises. Try starting with assisted-dips, cable-rope extensions, tricep kick-backs and close-grip push-ups. If you’d prefer not to create your own routine, we encourage you to check-out Daily Sweat. After all, it updates every day.